Company Profile

Linhagen is a private held Brazilian company founded in 2005 specialized in the development of molecular tools for the veterinary segment – mainly horses and cattle. The company provides services on genetic identification, molecular diagnostics and meat traceability.


The company’s goal is to take advantage of the strong growth opportunities offered by the emergent market of specialized products and services related to animal genetics.
The country has one of the biggest equine and cattle herd in the world, and is the biggest beef exporter. In this favorable context, farmers and breed associations have made strong investments in breed improvements and sanitary controls.
Recently, genetic identification tests have become a formal requirement for breed certification and control. As a consequence, the demand for products and services in this area has greatly increased.
Linhagen is leading the segment of services related with the genetic identification of equines (about 80% market-share) and is one of the main players of the bovine segment.

Technology, products and services

The company´s technological platform ,based on a molecular biology, leads to a constant  development of new tools related to genetic identification, breed improvement, molecular diagnostics and meat traceability. Linhagen develops multiplex PCR test systems that are able to amplify simultaneously multiple genetic regions in a single reaction for fast and sensitive PCR diagnostics. The reaction products are subsequently analysed by capillary electrophoresis. The R&D efforts are concentrated in the combination of molecular markers in the multiplex system used to genetic identification and in the development of new molecular markers for sanitary screening, meat traceability and genetic diseases diagnostics.